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Welcome to the Mark Goodman Wanted! website.

This is the site dedicated to tracking down the elusive Mr. Mark Goodman. Please - and this is very important, if you see Mark Goodman, or know where he is, then email us. You can send photos and emails to admin@markgoodman.co.uk

All emails will be answered. There is a reward for information.

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Here are some helpful links when trying to track Mark Goodman

bulletMark Goodman's Car
bulletMusic Mark Goodman likes
bulletMore music Mark Goodman likes
bulletMark Goodman on MySpace

We are not sure where Mark Goodman currently is. We believe he is somewhere in South East Asia. So that should narrow it down a bit. The weather there is currently,

January to April. - Scorchio.

May to August. - Scorchio and wet.

September to December. - Scorchio. (Again)

Photo Album


There are many interesting photos that have been sent in by our readers in trying to locate Mark Goodman. Some even have his face on them. We hope they help you in tracking him down. Mark Goodman dips in and out of the internet and leaves little trace. However, this is one of the forums he posts on. The subject matter is quite disgraceful.
bullet Dark side forums

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