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Hello and welcome to the Wanted ! Mark Goodman site.

Why are we looking for Mark Goodman? We just are. All right? Now get to it. Time is running out. We only have a few days to save the earth.

Please. If you see Mark Goodman, or hear about where he might be, then let us know. We need times, places and which bar it is. If you can take a photo, then so much the better. You can email any information to admin@markgoodman.co.uk

Photos sent in from our international readers. All photos sent in to our admin desk, positively identifying Mark Goodman, receive a reward.


NOT Mark Goodman

This is clearly not Mark Goodman. (Sent in by Yuki Tzumi of Japan)

NOT Mark Goodman (2)

Ciaran O'Levy from Dublin, Israel does NOT get a reward for this photo. We know Mark Goodman has dark brown hair. Use your cheesebox, eh?

Goodman and a broad

Sent in by Jung Si Yu of S.Korrea. Goodman is snapped with an unknown girl in a bar in Asia


Goodman is caught off guard with a man. (Sent in by Laura Goodlay of England.

With a Chinese dissident

A happy looking Mark Goodman caught in China with a dissident. (Sent in by Yu Lan of Yunnan Province, China)

Goodman in a bar

Another confirmed sighting of Mark Goodman. (Sent in by Porntip MaCauley of Bangkok)

Goodman at a Chinese Temple

Sent in by William Ng of Singapore

Petronas Towers. Kuala Lumpur

Goodman can be seen waving from a window on the 108th floor.

None of these are Mark Goodman

But they all know him.

Mark Goodman in S.E.Asia

Snapped with a mysterious Chinese Woman. (Sent in by Maria Rozzak of Hungary)

Parking for women

Not designed by Mark Goodman, but funny nonetheless.





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