Photo Gallery


Photo Gallery


Photo Gallery

Feel free to use these pictures to track down Mark Goodman.

Bali Memorial.

Mark Goodman was known to have been in Bali sometime after the first and second bombs.

Phuket Vegetarian Festival

Mark Goodman is known to be a vegetarian. Our scouts were on the lookout for him at the Vegfest 04, 05, 06 and 07.

Phuket Vegetarian Festival

More veg fest madness.

Phuket Vegetarian Festival

Now why would you want to do this? No. Really.

Bangkok Tuk-Tuk

Mark Goodman eludes our trackers once again by speeding away in a Tuk-Tuk.

Sailing in Thailand.

Mark Goodman is known to be a sailor. Our trackers camped for days on a deserted beach to snap the elusive Goodman.

Gotcha Goodman.

Our persistance paid off. Mark Goodman poses for a friend whilst out sailing in Thailand.

Tracking Mark Goodman

We hired a boat to track Mark Goodman down to a secluded beach off the coast of Phuket, Thailand.

Trance music festival

Mark Goodman - a well known trance music lover, was tracked down by one of our gimlet-eyed readers, to this debaunched festival in Krabbi, Thailand.

Gotcha again Goodman

Mark Goodman is snapped, apparantly in a very relaxed mood, in Krabbi, Thailand.

Khao Lak Resort

Mark Goodman visited the prestigeous Khao Lak Resort in Christmas 04 - just days before the tsunami washed it all away

Mark Goodman at Coral Island

We had a confirmed booking that Mark Goodman was going to arrive at Coral Island, Phuket. However, the cheap sangria did for our roving reporter who just missed Goodman's arrival.

Phi Phi island

Mark Goodman was also known to be in Phi Phi island at the time of the tsunami. His current whereabouts are still not yet known for sure.

Candy wrapper

How do you eat this? Do you lick it?

Mark Goodman in Bangkok

We chased Mark Goodman to Bangkok. He hid behind the emerald Buddha.

Mark Goodman in Bangkok again

The word was out on the street. Mark Goodman was in Bangkok. Photographs proved yet more elusive though.

More Goodman in Bangkok

Another eagle-eyed reader snapped this photo of Mark Goodman. Unfortunately, the shutter was set on night mode and Goodman made his escape.

Mark Goodman in Ayuthaya

Known to be a fast runner in his youth, Goodman yet again evaded our reporter who was grappling with his camera at the time.

Mark Goodman in Ayuthaya

We tracked Mark Goodman down to a cheap boarding house in Ayuthaya, Northern Thailand

Mark Goodman SCUBA diving

Goodman made his escape in this photo by submerging himself and swimming out to sea and a waiting "dive boat"

A photo of Phuket Town

We waited here for Mark Goodman. He didnt show up.

Volleyball in Phuket

Mark Goodman watches the action (he's just out of shot) in a relaxed mode in Karon, Phuket, Thailand.

Disgusting tourist

Whilst waiting for Mark Goodman to arrive at a local bakers, our scout snapped this Russian woman out in public.

Mark Goodman's car


The camera never lies.

Whilst waiting for Goodman in a bar, our snapper took a photo of these ladies. On further inspection, within the confines of his hotel room, he found out that they were in fact men. Big men. Ouch.

Goodman in Bangkok

Snapped posing outside Bernard Manning's Shop

Mark Goodman at Christmas

One or our fast reaction team's shot of Goodman enjoying himself behind the bar at Christmas

Mark Goodman on the beach

A satelite photo which we believe to be the latest photo of Mark Goodman relaxing on the beach

Mark Goodman clubbin'

An old, file photo, believed to have been taken in England during the late 90's/early 2000's during the "'ave it" days.

Mark Goodman in the pool

Another satelite photo shows Goodman relaxing with friends in the pool

Mark Goodman at FHM

A vacationing FHM snapper caught up with Goodman at a beach party benefit concert for retired porn stars.

Mark Goodman in Ko Phang-ngan

Goodman escapes our reporter on a high-powered off-road motorcycle.

Mark Goodman swings both ways

An unconfirmed sighting of Goodman at yet another beach party

Mark Goodman at a wedding

A confirmed sighting sent in from our Italian desk of Goodman taken at a wedding party in Phuket

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